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Paradise Pool Services


Residential Pool services start at just $59.00 a month

CHEMICAL ONLY – $59/mo. Chemical Service

​* Weekly monitoring and testing of pool water chemistry

* Service includes (no extra cost) adding Chlorine, Soda Ash, Bicarbonate, Muriatic Acid, and Algaecide as needed, to          perfectly balance your pool water.

​* Includes annual Springtime testing and adding of Cyanuric Acid and Calcium Chloride as needed, due to normal loss caused by winter rains. Many companies charge extra for this “spring cleaning” service.

​CHEMICAL & BRUSH SERVICE -  $79/mo. Chemical and Brush Service

​* Weekly monitoring and testing of pool water chemistry

​Brush pool walls, skim water surface, and clean waterline tiles weekly

​Backwashing of filter once a month


Full Cleaning, Chemical and Brush Service. Our full weekly service includes everything you need to keep your pool a pristine blue and running perfectly.

​Weekly monitoring and testing of pool water chemistry

​Brush pool walls, skim water surface, and clean waterline tiles weekly

​Back washing of filter once a month

​Visual inspection of equipment for proper operation. We will also perform small repairs or small part replacements automatically, or we will let you know what is needed and await your approval.

​Check your filter and filter pressure,  backwash or disassemble and spray out filters as needed at no extra cost

​Perform thorough grid inspection of filters

VACUUM BOTTOM OF POOPool Servicing Notes:L: $25/a week

The Basic Chemical Service, Chemical & Brush Service, & Full Cleaning Service all require your pool to have an automatic pool sweep that runs daily with the filter cycle. If your pool does not have an automatic pool sweep, this service is required to keep your water pristine.

GREEN TO CLEAN: $199 & up

A neglected pool will turn green in a matter of weeks. Heatwave will take your pool from Green to Crystal Clean with this service..


​Start up pool service includes all the testing and required chemicals to get your pool properly balanced, and includes your first month of our Full Cleaning Service.

Pool Servicing Notes:

All of our pool services are month to month, and you may cancel service at any time for any reason with a 30 day notice. All pricing is based on the average size pool of 12,000 cubic gallons, if your pool is larger or smaller, your monthly service fee may vary. We will gladly customize a pool service plan to fit your individual needs.

Please contact us today to request service, or for a free pool evaluation!